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Korean Energy Startup(2)-Haezoom(해줌)

 IDNSTORY is running service called "Haezoom" . Haezoom is service that "consulting solar energy". If I put my home address, Haezoom websites automatically calculate how much solar power and how much I can save. It not only conduct cost-benefit analysis but also suggest the best and credible solar panel manufacturer. and even coduct after-service. It is consultant and retailer of solar panel.


 Kwon oh-hyun founder of IDNSTORY, set a simple problem. In South Korea, the demand of solar panel is increasing, but it was sold by small brokers.  The process was not transparent. Every broker said his product was the best quality and there was no standard to compare it. There were a lot of frauds. Haezoom offers transparency. It give cost-benefit analysis throughout objective data and suggest credible manufacturer.


 In 2013, Korean paliament passed Act of Public Data( 공공데이터의 제공 및 이용활성화에 관한 법률). This law suggested to open public data cumulated by government: adminstral data, geographical data, other public data. Haezoom is based on geographical data opened by Ministry of Land and climate data by Korea Meteorological Agency(기상청). 

 According to official websites, Haezoom has three major core competencies. First there is data modeling of climate data: weather, solar radiation and wind speed. Second, there is an economic analysis program. Third, there is geographical data modeling.  Using three technology it can create solar-map. If I select any address in Korea. It conduct how much electricity I can produce and how much Co2 and tree I can save.



Expansion: lease and group purchasing

 IDNSTORY expand its business to lease business of solar panel. Every year, Korea Energy Management Corporation select lease partners. In 2015 6 lease partner are selected. : Solar E&S, S-Power, Hanbit EDS, IDN STORY, Hanwha Q-Cell, Hygas(해양도시가스). Customer can lease solar panel for 7-8 years. Lease partner can earn profit by rental fee and REP(Renewable Energy Point) 


 REP is the certificate provide to lease business partener that it produce certain amount of renewable energy. And it can trade to REP market. In Korean according to Renewable Energy Act, there is Renewable Portfolio Standard policy. Every utility companies in Korea madatorilly produce certain amount of renewable energy. If they do not meet the designated standard, it has to buy REC(Renewable Energy Certificate) or REP(Renewable Energy Point) in the market. REC is provide to producer and REP is provide to leaser.


Recently they offer a group purchasing serivce in Haezoom website.


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